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Favorite Colors

If you ask my 4 year old grand daughter what her favorite color is her answer is "Every Color". She is a brilliant child.

My favorite color is blue; a deep royal blue. It has always been blue. You can tell from my earlier work as most of my canvases feature some shade of blue. I find, however, that I do go through phases where a certain color facinates me. Recently teal has been very fun to work with. I've dabbled in orange and purple. I love to play with pinks. 

Colors create mood. When you are choosing the design of your room or your whole home you are creating the atmosphere in which you want to live. That is the main reason I have gravitated to custom work. I love to create just the right shade of just the right color to match whatever room-mood you are trying to create. Also, it's A LOT of fun for me!

Having fun in your creative process is the reason for having one.

Dawney Glenn14 Comments